How to Get Fit on a Budget

Improving our health and fitness needs to be a priority. Millions of people are overweight as a result of a lack of exercise and the only way to deal with the problem is to start moving more. Or, in other words, take up a sport or physical activity. The trouble is, taking up a new sport can be expensive. Gym membership costs a lot of money and if you are living on a tight budget, it’s hard to justify the extra cost of joining a gym or buying new sports equipment. But fear not because there are plenty of ways to get fit for very little money, and here’s how.

Buy Second-hand Equipment

A lot of sports equipment can be picked up second-hand. Of course it is nice to buy all new gear, especially if you want to look good, but the reality is that you might hate the sport, so it is much better to start off using or wearing second-hand kit.

Check out auction websites such as eBay or take a look at Gumtree or Craigslist. People sell off their sports gear all the time, and often for very little if they are keen to get rid of it and make space at home. Alternatively, if you don’t have online access, check out the listings in the local press or check advertisements in local stores. You might be able to pick up a bargain for next to nothing.

Borrow from a Friend

Friends and family are often an excellent source of sports equipment. Unless they use their kit all the time, they will probably be more than happy to lend you bits and pieces until you get going or figure out whether the sport is for you. And once you have decided you like the sport, you can invest in your own kit – even if it is only second-hand kit.

Use Voucher Deals to Buy New Sports Gear

Voucher deals are an excellent way of buying new sports gear for next to nothing. Thanks to voucher codes, you will be able to buy exercise clothing and sports equipment for prices far lower than the RRP. For example, say you decided to take up cycling, but although you had a bicycle, you didn’t have any cycling shorts. You could check out the latest voucher code offers at and take advantage of a fantastic deal from a cycling retailer.

Ditch the Car

An easy way to get fit for free is to ditch the car and start walking to work or college. Obviously this is not going to work if your commute is long, but you could still park the car a couple of miles from work and walk the remaining distance. And if you use public transport instead of driving, simply get off at an earlier stop to maximise the fitness advantages.

Coupon deals, shopping second-hand and borrowing kit are just a few of the many ways to save money on sports equipment, but even if none of these appeal, it is still important that you get fit, so start working out today!